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    Newcastle Steelworkers Memorial  View Printable Version  
    Saturday, December 06 2014 @ 10:20 PM
    Contributed by: bobcook

    GeneralArtist Blacksmith Will Maguire has commenced fabrication of components of the memorial to open in June 2015.

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    BHP Reunion 2015
    BHP REUNION 2015
    Organised by Newcastle Industrial Heritage Association Inc.

    100 Years since BHP came to “Newcastle” 1915 to 2015

    16 Year BHP Anniversary Reunion

    Newcastle Bar Mill Reunion “OneSteel”

    BHP Newcastle Employees 1915 to 1999 – OneSteel

    Employees 2000 to 2015 - All BHP Contractors / Brambles

    In September 2015 it will be 16 years since the closure of the Front End in Newcastle

    To keep in touch with the "Men and Women of Steel" we are holding the 16 year reunion on:

    Saturday September 26 – 2015

    Newcastle District Tennis Club

    Lambton & Curley Rd, BROADMEADOW, at 12:30pm "Free Entry"

    For more information contact Aubrey Brooks on 02 4984 5264 or email reunion@niha.org.au


    Click here to download a printable Reunion Flier.

    NEWS  View Printable Version  
    Tuesday, July 15 2014 @ 10:40 PM
    Contributed by: bobcook

    NIHA member Aubrey Brooks has received the State Heritage Volunteer Award.


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    2014 NSW Government Heritage Volunteer of the Year Award.  View Printable Version  
    Friday, July 04 2014 @ 10:04 AM
    Contributed by: aub

    2014 NSW Government Heritage Volunteer of the Year Award.
    Today I had the great honour of presenting Aubrey Brooks with a 2014 NSW Government Heritage Volunteer of the Year Award.

    Aubrey’s employment at BHP Newcastle began in 1961, when he started off working as a rivet cook at the wagon shop following a family tradition that would eventually span some 125 years and three generations.

    Aubrey worked at BHP Newcastle for over 38 years, and his passion for the organisation’s position in Newcastle’s history has remained many years on.

    However, as remarkable as Aubrey’s service to BHP was during his time of employment at the Newcastle plant, it has perhaps been his activities since the plant’s closure, where he has made his greatest contribution.

    Since then, Aubrey has dedicated his time and efforts to ensure that the people of the Hunter and further afield are made aware of the personal stories of those men and women who worked at BHP Newcastle, conducting in excess of 70 Remember BHP Guest Speaking Presentations and Muster Point tours, to community groups both locally and from afar.

    Aubrey is passionate about making the general public aware of the personal side of the men and women who gave service to BHP and created a unique bond of mateship whilst working at the plant.

    In many instances, this bond has continued for many years after BHP Newcastle’s closure, as evidenced by the many who attend the annual “Men and Women of Steel” reunions he organises.

    These reunions have helped keep alive the spirit of camaraderie that existed amongst employees, some of whom have struggled to find a new direction since the plants’ closure.

    In his role as Vice President of the Newcastle Industrial Heritage Association, Aubrey has assisted raise in excess of $60,000 for a BHP Newcastle Muster Point Memorial.

    The passion with which Aubrey dedicates himself to educating the community about BHP Newcastle and the people who worked there, and of a city that has moved away from its industrial past is I believe, truly worthy of recognition and I congratulate him on receiving this prestigious honour.
    Tim Owen Member for Newcastle.

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    CAN YOU HELP  View Printable Version  
    Saturday, May 31 2014 @ 03:14 PM
    Contributed by: aub

    PLEASE LEAVE ANY INFORMATION ON THE MUSTER POINT FACEBOOK SITE https://www.facebook.com/muster.point.31

    Derek John Ryman, born 17th June 1954...He had worked for BHP on the ships in Newcastle.
    Derek signed his indentures as a navigation deck apprentice with BHP in April 1974.

    Sketchy information suggests he joined his first ship on the 29th April 1974, and that his indentures were closed by mutual consent 25th February 1976.

    He may was first mate upon the Iron Baron at some point (which Iron Baron I’m not sure).

    His BHP Apprentice Number was 239.

    I would be appreciative to hear of any information on what he did. This Request is from his family any info will be passed on to them..

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    STEELWORKERS MEMORIAL  View Printable Version  
    Thursday, April 03 2014 @ 08:24 AM
    Contributed by: aub

    This site is dedicated for the "Men and Women of Steel'' and their families for 84 Years in Newcastle, you are invited to leave your "Comments and Thoughts and Photos"
    When we were a Steel City. Thousands worked there and sadly some gave their Lives, lets not forget them

    The figures

    The number of the figures represents the eight decades that the BHP site was functioning and also the many different groups and skills needed to keep such a large operation running.
    The abstraction of the figures is in relation to the fact that many of the people who died are unknown.
    These figures are bowed slightly inward to symbolise showing respect for the men and women who died.
    They will be forged from large solid steel sections using industrial forging techniques. This method is appropriate because of the industrial nature of BHP and will also give character and a human touch to the figures as they will show marks from the power hammers used to forge them and will also differ slightly in height and dimensions indicating the individuality of the workers who died.
    They will have a low maintenance weathered galvanised finish.

    The pillar
    This central pillar symbolises the steel making nature of BHP in representing a large billet of steel. Around the top of this billet will be a brass ring with a simple remembrance message deeply carved into it. The brass being a more expensive metal and with its similarity in colour to gold represents the preciousness of those that died to their families and friends.
    The pillar will be fabricated from weathering steel plate and the brass ring will be hand chiselled with beautifully carved lettering.
    All the parts will be bolted down to cement foundations just below ground level with room to easily mow the grass around them.

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    About Us

    The Newcastle Industrial Heritage Association Inc. is a community group formed in May 2000 to promote the role that all Industries have played in Australia’s development.

    Objectives of the Association

    • To promote the role that Hunter Industries and Manufacturing has played in developing Australia’s Heritage.
    • To facilitate and present research into the Hunter Region’s Industrial Heritage.
    • To promote and support the conservation of the region’s industrial heritage including any links there to which maybe broader a field.
    • To encourage the development and operation of a repository for materials and documents related to industrial heritage.
    • To promote tourism and adaptive reuse of existing industrial heritage sites, buildings and moveable objects.

    Bob Cook, President

    Newcastle Industrial Heritage Association Inc.

    Visitors and new members are welcome.

    Application fee $15.00
    Annual subscription $10.00

    Contact Bob Cook "President" for more information,nihanewcastle@gmail.com

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