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    FORTRESS NEWCASTLE PROGRESS  View Printable Version  
    Wednesday, September 09 2020 @ 12:57 AM
    Contributed by: bobcook

    GeneralOn 17 August members of the Fortress Newcastle team conducted the first field trip to remnant sites in the region of military installations of FORTRESS NEWCASTLE. This consisted of an inspection of the 131 Radar Station at Ash Island, followed by a visit to Fighterworld at Williamtown, the site of the RAAF Air Force Base. More field trips to all the remaining sites are planned for the near future. Research and information gathering on all Civil and Military activities is progressing well.

      [ Views:: 13 ]  
    20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of STEELWORKS Closure  View Printable Version  
    Thursday, March 19 2020 @ 02:38 PM
    Contributed by: bobcook

    30 September 2019 was an important day in the Newcastle Steelmaking history.
    It was commemorated by two open days at the site. Sunday 29th and Monday 30th September saw hundreds of past workers and their families visit Delprat's Cottage, the Muster Point sculpture and the Steelworkers memorial. Closure Manager Lance Hockridge returned to cut a commemorative cake to recognise the occasion. It was good to see so many past faces.

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    DENMAN HERITAGE VILLAGE  View Printable Version  
    Monday, December 16 2019 @ 10:10 PM
    Contributed by: bobcook

    In October 2019 members of NIHA visited the Denman Heritage Village. They have an amazing collection of almost every type and model of machine ever built. NIHA will be supporting DHV to bring this collection to the public.

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    VISIT TO FORT WALLACE  View Printable Version  
    Sunday, December 01 2019 @ 12:19 AM
    Contributed by: bobcook

    An important first step in NIHA's new project - FORTRESS NEWCASTLE, was to visit another of the unused military sites from WW11.
    Fort Wallace will eventually become open to the public and will make an exciting stopover on the 'Fortress Newcastle Trail'.
    We will soon start featuring some of the amazing stories of how the 'Newcastle Industrial Hub', protected by 'Fortress Newcastle', was such a critical part of the war effort to save Australia.

    plan of tunnels at Fort Wallace

    the team in the 9in gun pit 29 Nov 19

    guided tour of the site

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    NIHA MEMBERS SUPPORT NEW VIDEO  View Printable Version  
    Sunday, November 10 2019 @ 10:53 PM
    Contributed by: bobcook

    On Saturday 9 November 2019 a new video was launched at Newcastle Museum - where the video will be used as part of the steelworks exhibition.
    'BHP Newcastle - A City within a City' was produced by local filmmakers Glenn Dormand and Tony Whittaker, the 46 minute video comprises the voices of 12 former employees.
    It is a strong personal story of life at the steelworks.

    WATCH the VIDEO:

    NIHA Members Keith, Bob, Frank, Cr Carol Duncan (lost Newcastle founder), Uncle Bill Smith and Producer Glenn Dormand (Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab).

    Part of the audience at the launch.

    Filmmakers Tony Whittaker and Glenn Dormand.

      [ Views:: 47 ]  

    About Us

    Newcastle Industrial Heritage Association Inc. is a community group formed in May 2000 to promote the role that all Industries have played in Australia’s development.

    Objectives of the Association

    • To promote the role that Hunter Industries and Manufacturing has played in developing Australia’s Heritage.
    • To facilitate and present research into the Hunter Region’s Industrial Heritage.
    • To promote and support the conservation of the region’s industrial heritage including any links there to which maybe broader a field.
    • To encourage the development and operation of a repository for materials and documents related to industrial heritage.
    • To promote tourism and adaptive reuse of existing industrial heritage sites, buildings and moveable objects.

    Newcastle Industrial Heritage Association Inc.

    NIHA meets weekly at Delprat's Cottage - the home of GD Delprat during construction of Newcastle Steelworks in 1914.

    Visitors and new members are welcome.

    Application fee $15.00
    Annual subscription $10.00

    Contact Bob Cook - President - Ph 0419241731

    For more information email - nihanewcastle@gmail.com

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    Scaffolding provided by our friends at Instant Access has been erected 6m high to allow all work at the stern to be completed.
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