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 I predict that in 2 months from now you will see something wonderful emerge from under all of the current activity. Great group of volunteers and professionals working hard, not too late for you to join us.
    The restoration is in full swing. Work is happening all over the ship. We are on track to have a like-new much more manoeuvrable and powerful attraction on the harbour before this year is out. You are welcome to join us on this exciting journey.

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    There is a good team of workers at the ship, but we need more. Come and join this energetic group.
    Volunteers Chris and Bob (retired shipwright extraordinaire) retrieving the shaft from the old rudder, in preparation for manufacture of a new steel rudder.

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    A great shot by Bill Allen of the ship under sail not long after launching, in 1988. We are all looking forward to seeing this sight again this year.
    The big difference is that modern very powerful diesel engine and bow thruster will ensure that it is safe to work in the busy sheltered waterways of the east coast. A big future ahead for this ship.

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    On any day at the ship you will find a great team of passionate volunteers, making it better than ever. Working on a dozen different tasks. Just a few months at this rate and things will all come together.
    On any day at the ship you will find a great team of passionate volunteers, making it better than ever.

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    Snack Time:
    Snack Time:

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    A man of wisdom and a Muster Mate:
    General Lee at work:

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    We will get there, this year!

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    Bob, Tim, Aub and Charlotte on William's open day

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    .Some of the team on the job today. Largest group of workers so far. Studs removed to allow propellor shaft boring to commence, diesel generator started up, new Stainless handrails underway, pressure cleaning, door restoration, sanding paint stripping and new buff paint. It's all happening.
    Some of the team.

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    William TheFourth
February 27.Lots happening at the ship now. Shipwrights Tom and Dave are bringing all the timberwork up to as-new standard. The painting team is progressing well and the new engine team are preparing for the installation day. Work is happening all over the ship, looking good.
    William TheFourth February 27. Lots happening at the ship now.

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    Inside the old engine room, Paul has transformed the old bunker space into the location for the big new diesel generator and blackwater (sewage) storage tanks. Enthusiasts would note from the pic that the old paddle housing support braces h...ave been removed for new ones to be installed. Just one of the eight locations on the ship that are progressing towards re-launch later this year. We would love new volunteers to join our busy team.
    Inside the old engine room.

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    •	Do you remember this event in 1987. William the Fourth moving towards its launching day. It's symbolic because after 26 years the ship is again moving towards i...ts launching day. During April we will announce the date that later in the year the ship will meet the water again - this time fully restored and with new diesel propulsion added.
    Do you remember?

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    At Raymond Terrace during construction

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