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  • William the Fourth 
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    What a job, but getting there.

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    We need more technical volunteers - to keep the costs down. If you know anyone with a little spare time please advise. 0419241731.
    William TheFourth All of the running gear is now onsite to allow the machinery to be installed. The Genset, blackwater tanks and fuel tanks must go in first since the only access is through the engine room. We need more technical volunteers -

    Views 2163
    Out with the old, in with the new. Old rusty paddlehouse support struts have been replaced with new ones.

    Views 2047
    Mission complete. Top machinists Geoff and Joel from Teterin Engineering have prepared the shaft bearings for the new propeller. Now the serious task of installing new 315HP diesel engine can proceed

    Views 2062

    Views 1857
    Starting to turn green - like new again. Chris is a fantastic worker, he loves painting.
    Painting William, it's coming together:

    Views 1791
The task seemed easy, just disengage the two dog clutches so that the paddles could spin freely. We need them to turn so that they can be grit blasted and repai...nted. After at least 15 years since the dogs were last disconnected, seems the steel surfaces bonded together. John surveys 2 weeks of driving wedges with a 7lb hammer - at last the job is done. On to the next task.
    William doesn't mention the full set of oxy gas used to heat the dog clutches or the grease from years of operation, or the confined space. Very messy job. Hopefully this is the most physically difficult task required, now completed.

    Views 1896
    Looks like artwork - a new piece of sculpture coming together. Actually it's Ellis preparing the the rib-stiffening knees to go in the old steam engine room near the condenser that is being cleaned up. All part of making the ship stronger, more powerfu

    Views 1894
    Hazel Hawke,was the 'Launching Lady' for the replica of Australia's first steam powered ship - William the Fourth on 26 September 1987. She will be remembered forever.
    Chris has started work on the external sides of the ship. Soon it will start to look new again. Hard Work:

    Views 1889
    Some of the hard workers. A rare gathering of Master Paul, Engineer John and Mate Ian. Taking a short break to plan the next big tasks. What a team. Hard Workers have a spell:

    Views 1966
    Work is progressing well for a re-launch later in the year.

    Views 2212
    All the cedar doors on the ship have been restored by Richard and members of Wangi mens shed and are being lacquered by Peter Sherlock as they are installed back on the ship. Work is progressing well for a re-launch later in the year.

    Views 1950
.WOODTURNER Paul McLeish has delivered new posts for the afterdeck to our technical advisor Bob. Come on Saturday and have a look at the progress we are making. call 0419241731 for any info. OPEN HOUSE (ship) 10-4
    Bob Cook shared William TheFourth's photo. Paul from Newcastle Woodturners is another from the many groups that are helping to make the ship better than ever.

    Views 2197
    Great Effort by Ian the painter.

    Views 2153
    Fixing the BBQ.....

    Views 2105
    Bob Cook shared William TheFourth's photo. This is the most important hole that has ever been drilled in William the Fourth in its 26 year life. It will bring the ship back to life for its next 26 or more years. .Today Joel and Ryan from Teterin Enginee

    Views 2048
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