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Newcastle Heritage Association visits Broken Hill

Members and partners travel to Broken Hill. by A.Murphy

In April 2003 a group of 11 travelled by train (Outback Explorer) from Sydney to Broken Hill. 6 days later we returned to Sydney on the Indian Pacific

Broken Hill is in the central west of NSW, it is an arid, dry area in the Barrier ranges. The city of approx 21,000 is a living history of the past 120 years. Broken Hill’s birth and growth revolves around the discovery and mining of the “Line of Lode”. A 7 kilometre strip of ore described as the largest, richest Silver, Lead and Zinc deposit in the world.

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This is a well set up town that is obviously proud of its heritage and future directions. We recommend it to visitors as it has something of interest for everyone.

The common links between Newcastle and Broken Hill (in the early days)

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