Posted on: December 07 2012 @ 05:52 AM
By: aub


We are now taking bookings for 2013, The Muster Point is ideal for Service Clubs like Lions, Apex, Probus, Lodges, Rotary, Sporting, Historical, CWA and Seniors Groups.

The Muster Point is a 70 tonne steel sculpture with bronze cast figures, objects, and components from the Steelworks, the building is 8m x 12m x 8m,with associated pathways (railways sleepers and ballast), located near entrance to steelworks site, George St & Selwyn St off Industrial Drive, Mayfield.

Newcastle Industrial Heritage Association is pleased to offer personalized guided tours of the iconic sculpture "The Muster Point". This house-size industrial artwork was constructed as a collaboration by famous Newcastle sculptor Julie Squires and steelworkers in 1999, to mark the closure of the steelworks.

The whole structure, inside and out, has many stories to tell about the history of steelmaking in Newcastle.
Well-known retired steelworker Aubrey Brooks conducts intimate, heartfelt journeys around and within the walls of this unique place.

If you know any small group that would like to soak up some of the emotion of life at the steelworks, contact Aubrey to make a booking.

TOURS ARE FREE and Wheel Chair friendly, and take about 1.5 hours


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