Subject: Women and Newcastle's World War II Industrial Heritage

Posted on: June 28 2011 @ 10:19 AM
By: perculaplushpet


Hi. I've recently been browsing Newcastle and Lake Macquarie local history on the web and located some fascinating glass plate images on flickr which are a part of Newcastle University's cultural collection and numerous sites showing fascinating images of the transport history. Just wondering, has anyone put together a collection of accounts and pictures on the role of women in World War II Newcastle Industry, BHP in particular considering it was shelled. If there are images out there it would be fascinating and inspiring to see them and read of experiences of women working and pioneering womens roles in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Industries at the time if anyone has put something together, accounts of what things were like on the home front, how local women in industry coped and rallied together when news arrived from the front, womens roles in the war effort directly as well, how that was connected to industry; women's roles in establishing the local hospitals and the role of local industry in their development, the impact of post war on these women and such. There's not a lot available freely when I google it, so if there is something I'd love to follow up some pointers if anyone has any suggestions, otherwise, a project researching just that, perhaps might enhance this site? Thanks. Stephanie.


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