Posted on: October 26 2010 @ 12:06 PM
By: aub


Terrific Aub!
All eight of us thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Muster Point today. Your use of music to introduce and finish your story was very 'atmospheric' and certainly set the scene. Living at Carrington through the shutdown period, I heard all the things in the press at the time and walked over to the mangroves on Throsby Creek to watch the last burn off on the Saturday morning, but of course the stories you told us filled in so much more - you made it far more 'human'. I had walked in to look at the sculpture not long after it was first installed but today's visit made it so much more meaningful.
I would love to bring some of my eight grandchildren for a visit at some stage but it would be better for you to combine them with others at the same time. Perhaps I will contact you around school holiday time.
The idea to make it a park with machinery as you mentioned would be a great asset for Newcastle. Hopefully it won't lead to graffiti problems for the sculpture.
Thanks again for alll your efforts in preserving the history of Newcastle.
Mr. Green


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