Subject: Robert needs help (Comsteel)

Posted on: September 27 2010 @ 11:39 PM
By: aub


Thank you for the advise on 27/9/10. I have elderly father Arthue Welfare who is 99 years of age.
His brother Fred passed aweay in 1976. Fred was involved in the construction and maintenance
of a bowling green comsteel company at newcastle.

Dad attended the opening of the bowling green on behalf of Fred who was in poor health at that
time. The new green was named after Fred and a small ceremony was held.

We cannot remember where the green and premises was located, however you indicated that it
may still exist. Dad hgad requested cerification that Fred's green remains and if wekll enough to
travel I will take him to see the green and reflect on his memories.

Any assistance you could provide in locating the bowling green would be appreciated.

Kind Regards
Robert Welfare


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