Subject: Wise words from an old mate.

Posted on: September 20 2004 @ 02:37 AM
By: Aub


As you say its been 5 long years since the closure and to see the place where work mates stood side by side and friendships maybe became parted, time will only tell how people that attend these re unions stay in contact with each other and have a ever lasting bond of friendship that shall forever last.

To see the place as it stands now , naked to the ground where buildings once stood, the quietness at night, and to tell what areas buildings stood and the work that had taken place within those buildings, is very queer to process the thought of my 20 years growing up from a boy, experiencing the knowledge past onto me by men with dreams and experience that could build mountains and cross bridges, with stories from times that have now past and some people that have past on. Quietly a achievable passing in anyone's lifetime.


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