Hunter United Credit Union turning 50 this year.

Sunday, January 13 2013 @ 04:57 PM

Contributed by: aub

Happy new Year!

To celebrate our Credit Union turning 50 this year on 10th October 2013.

We need help, we are looking for photos of the Hunter United Credit and its staff at Newcastle BHP, it is now 50 years since they began,

We wish to share any stories, anecdotes, pictures and recollections of our credit union. Especially its early times… in the good old days! We are excited about what we may discover and think it is a wonderful way to bring our members and community together.

The HUCU helps us every year with the BHP Reunion, it would be great if you have any information that can help,


Member Contributions/Member Competition – we are very much looking forward to discovering and sharing our history with the community, but initially we need help. On the back of our Member competition which featured on the front page of the newsletter and also on the homepage of our website, we are after contributions………..whether it be stories, an old membership card, photos etc. from the good old days. I would ask you if the NIHA or indeed your many contacts would have something to contribute, old credit union photos’, perhaps stories of their first loan, we are interested in any contributions no matter how large or small. There is a special gift for all contributions as well as a major prize of an iphone5 for the most valuable contribution.

Again thanks for your time Aub, and I appreciate your passion for our history, we did discuss many other opportunities, but I think for now if we are to focus on the above that would be a great start to what will be a busy and exciting year.

Kind Regards,

Greg Ferris
Manager, Marketing & Partnerships
Hunter United Credit Union Ltd
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