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Subject: One Ladies priceless tale.

It was with great interest that I read Mike Scanlon story on Saturday, the wonderful story of Mrs Pauline Lobb, daughter of a “Man of Steel” as I read the story it reminded of my
Grandfather Jimmy Massie who started at the BHP on the 2nd June 1915 and worked there for 37 years.

Yes, there are many historic objects and as Bob Cook, President of NIHA points out, very rare, but these are only material things but the real value is the people and the stories they tell,
When Mrs Lobb spoke of her Mummy and Daddy so sweet. She made me feel very proud to belong to the Steel Family

Not too long ago, Mr Scanlon wrote of Walter Searles another BHP Steel Man who is 91. In September it will be 14 years since the BHP closed in Newcastle and as time passes
we should never forget the people who lost their lives there not forgetting those who were badly injured never to fully recover they helped build this great country we call Australia.
It’s not about the Company but the people who worked and the Unions who fought for better OH&S laws to protect their workers.

The BHP in Newcastle is gone forever but these stories must be preserved forever, I congratulate the Herald and Mike Scanlon for making this possible.

The Brooks family had 125 years at Newcastle BHP, I really hope the Mrs Lobb can make it to this year’s BHP Reunion, and I love the Letter opener too.

Aubrey Brooks





Conversations with Richard Fidler draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.

Aubrey Brooks Newcastle BHP 38Years, his father 42 years and grandfather 37 years from 1915 to 1999, his brother "Barry" was there for 8 Years.

Total years of service at Newcastle BHP Steel Works is 125 years for the Brooks Family.

Please be advised that donations can be made at any Hunter United Branch or cheques made payable to 'The Steelworkers Memorial Fund' contact Aubrey Brooks, 0249845264

Memorial to workers who lost their lives at the Newcastle Steelworks
Thursday, May 19 2011 @ 02:58 PM
Contributed by: aub Newcastle Industrial Heritage Association is launching a project to produce a
permanent memorial to workers who lost their lives at the Newcastle Steelworks and
related steel industries between 1915 and 1999.
It is proposed that the suitably respectful large memorial will be located at a
prominent location in the vicinity of the steelworks site, and we are currently
discussing options with stakeholders.

Newcastle Industrial Heritage Association